Happy Customers

"Dinner Time?" - Katie T


"People are always shocked to learn that Suki is 10 years old.  I think it's totally because of your food that she looks so great."  -  Autum




"Zoe turned 11 this month and Winston 13 last month.  We were worried that he had Cushings based on recent blood work and crazy appetite but testing turned out negative.  He must just love your food that much!"  - Stacey B


"Pretty excited about their delivery just now..."  Richard N.


Our mini-aussie pup LOVES your food so much! This is her everyday/every meal excited dance :) - Katie O


Ryder is sure loving our winter weather!  I attribute his good health, abundance of energy and beautiful coat to your nutritious, well balanced, fresh diet.  🥰🐾❄⛄️ - Jeanne Y



This is how excited Ralphie gets every day with his food, thanks - Ken S



Carter celebrated his 20th birthday shortly before passing away - and we attribute that long life to the great food you make. Thank you! And when people hear that they want to want to get their own pets the same great food. Thanks for making a great product coupled with wonderful service. - Sunil G


Wanted to share with you how amazing my son’s dog Ruger looks, this food has agreed with him so so much and his physique and energy and everything is just so so improved. We are very grateful. - Joni P