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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These materials are super critical for ensuring that your pet food orders arrive frozen but we don’t wish to contribute large amounts of waste so we’ve come up with possible solutions. 

First off, reducing waste up front is the most environmentally friendly thing you can do.  By maximizing your order sizes, you can ensure that every box that is shipped to you is fully utilized.    If your dog consumes 28 pounds of food per month, and you have the freezer space for 56 pounds, then consider ordering 2 months of food at a time.  Our large box will hold up to 56 pounds; 60 in the winter months when less dry ice is needed.  Whether we ship you a 28 pound order in a small box or 56 pounds in our large box, you are still only going the pay the flat rate $25 shipping charge.  So reduce waste and save money doing it.

If the shipping materials are not damaged in transit, then they may be reusable(*).  A small eraser tip sized hole in the silver cover of a box liner would not rule this out but a quarter sized gash or tear in the liner or insulated bag would.  A little dust would not, but sticky food substances would rule out reuse of those materials.  

Return shipping is a large consideration with reuse.  It doesn’t make sense to transport an otherwise empty box back to us just for the shipping materials.   The cost and transportation would exceed the benefit.  However, we’ve found that the large sized box will hold 3 complete sets of the 2-piece box liners as well as three insulated bags.  If your orders are shipped in our large 16 inch box and you wish to hold onto your materials until you have 3 complete sets that are in reusable condition in order to fill a box; we’d be happy to send you a postage paid USPS or UPS label to return those to us for reuse.  

Please be very selective and do not return partial box liners in the event that only one piece of the liner is damaged.  We will not be able to use it.  

* The smaller 14" box doesn't meet the same criteria at this time but we are continuing to investigate ways to make this possible as well. 

All of your shipping materials are recyclable.  If you receive your orders in our small box, the shipping materials are damaged in transit, or you simply do not wish to retain materials until they can be returned, please just place them in your recycle bin.


Thank you ~