Donations to our friends at Wings Programs

The Wings Programs

This has been a really challenging time for farmers in our area; first with drought effecting hay supplies and now the cost of everything from feed to diesel doubling this past year.  Many folks have had to give up animals they've raised for years because they can no longer afford them.  This is especially true for seniors that are on fixed incomes. 

Early this year, I met a woman that knows this heartbreak all too well, Debora Lay.  Debora is the founder of the Wings Programs near us in Corvallis Montana, which is a non profit equine rescue that is focused on helping horses and owners through these difficult times.  Right now, she too is struggling with these rising costs.  She's at capacity having taken in so many horses this past year.  Every dollar you donate goes toward helping horses in need.  I've personally been to her facility several times and this is truly a person who has dedicated her life to horses. 

As some of you know, John and I have been involved in dog rescue for years, but early this year, we embarked on an adventure of our own and rescued 10 mini farm animals from a family in northern Montana that became too ill to care for them.  One of these horses was a pregnant mare that was so aggressive we couldn't safely enter her pen.  This is when we met Debora.  She came out right away to help assess the situation and we decided that "Dolly" would go home with Debora where she could receive special attention and handling ahead of her delivery, just in case there were any issues and she needed help.  On May 1, she gave birth to the cutest little blond foal, name Ellie.  Ellie's picture in on our Christmas cards this year.  In addition to helping us with Dolly and Ellie, Debora has also worked a great deal with us this year helping us to learn to care for our other new horses and donkeys.  She's been an amazing resource for us. 

Please, if you can, try to help support her Wings Program.