DCM - What's all the fuss about?

The idea that dogs are somehow grain deficient or that legumes might somehow cause taurine deficiencies is the basis of the recent DCM scare.  It's my belief that this grossly misleading subject is a form of dirty politics within the pet food industry.  I believe the message is being proliferated by large grain based pet food suppliers that have a voice at the FDA.  It wouldn't be the first time... look at what's happened with the vaping industry recently.  It seems to me that the shift in consumer thinking towards smaller brands, with more personalized foods, that are natural, raw, and grain free have big industry feeling a bit threatened.  Rightfully so, growth in our market has exploded some 200% since 2012.  Sadly, many of these smaller manufacturers jumped ship on their principles for fear of going out of business over the mass media reports kicked off by the FDA (shame on the FDA for generating this fear without any basis of fact to support it).  We haven't shifted.  I still feel that nutritionally balanced grain-free "boutique diets" and they refer to them, are the best possible nutrition for your dog and that's exactly the kind of food will continue to make a Paws.

This article is probably the most sound scientific opinion on the subject that I have read to date so I'll close by sharing it with you.