2020 Policy Updates

Late changes / cancellations fees

Once your credit card transactions are processed, the processing fees are charged to us. We won’t get refunded for those fees if your order is cancelled.  We won’t charge additional fees, but the estimated 4% in credit card fees will no longer be refunded on completed charges.  Please give 48 hour notice (business hours) prior to your shipment departure dates.  We typically process charges on the Friday before your delivery date.


Return e-Check Fee

There will be a new returned e-check fee of $40 for any checks returned to us.


UPS special handling charges for 50+ pound packages and extended delivery areas

On January 1st, UPS imposed a new $25 fee for all packages over 50lbs and $5-6 fee for extended delivery areas.  We’ve made all of the necessary schedule adjustments to avoid the heavy weight charges.  Unfortunately we can’t do anything about the extended area fees so those of you that are on our flat rate shipping program with an extended delivery area will begin to see an additional $5-6 charge on your orders.


Fresh Food Off-schedule Shipping

Please try to plan ahead for vacations.  We ship orders 3 out of 4 Monday’s per month.  We’ll occasionally get requested to ship off-schedule; usually due to an emergency.  We’ll always do our best to help but that requires us to drive 50 miles to Hamilton and back to buy dry ice from the only retail supplier near us.  Then we have to schedule a special paid pick up from UPS.  There is now a $30 expedite fee to cover the cost of this service.    


Maximum per-box ship weights per season

Our packages ship with dry ice but the amounts vary depending on the weather. In order to keep our shipment weights under 50lbs we may need to adjust your food order amounts down during high heat temperatures to accommodate more dry ice.

Up to 50 degrees - Max 44lbs of food per box.

50-65 degrees - Max 42lbs of food per box.

65-80 degrees - Max 40lbs of food per box.

When temps are above 80 degrees, shipments may need to be altered further or delayed so please ensure that you have a one week buffer on hand between July and August.